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At Slingshot SEO, we practice a methodology to get to the science of search engine optimization. We’ve broken this applied methodology, CLASS, into five buckets to help you easily understand how it impacts your SEO success. Each CLASS element — Content, Link Profile, Architecture, Social and Strategy – provides our clients with strategic insights to begin building a solid and successful SEO campaign in a field defined by constant change.

We’ve broken our methodology into five buckets:

Content: In the world of internet, content is defined as information shared by humans across the web through text, images, video and more. Search engines like Google and Bing work tirelessly to evaluate content across many different media in an attempt to value each web page the way that a human might view it. After all, if a search engine bot can understand content like a human can, it will return better search results for humans.

Link Graph Optimization: When a search engine is trying to decide between two pages of good content, links are often the final arbiter in determining which page is ranked above the other.

Architecture: A website’s architecture can have a profound effect on a user’s visit. Websites that are slow and difficult to navigate, or that overwhelm the visitor with ads or other useless content can lead to frustrated users who opt to conduct their information-gathering or purchases on a different domain.

Social: Upon hearing the words “social” and “internet” together, many people immediately think of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These websites are certainly behemoth in their reach and activity, but social signals as an SEO factor go beyond just a few popular websites.

Strategy: Each of the tangible factors listed above are key elements in helping search engines recognize your brand and the keywords for which it may deserve to rank. However, affecting each individually without a greater cohesive goal in mind often leads to campaigns that don’t move the needle and produce new visits.

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