Content Marketing with Infographics

When executed strategically, an infographic can accomplish the mission for which it was originally designed — to visually and effectively tell a story to a targeted audience, thereby boosting online visibility and brand awareness for its host.

Unlike many other forms of media, infographics have greater potential for discovery and shareability. They also contribute to the conversion funnel by the inclusion of appropriate call-to-actions on hosting landing pages on the brand’s domain.

To get the most out of an infographic, it’s important to take a cohesive approach that includes indepth research, appropriate aesthetics, and strategic placement and promotion.

Guide to infographics cover


In this guide, you will learn:

  • The value of infographics

  • How to identify the conversation

  • How to develop your infographic

    • What is a mood board?
    • What is a wireframe
  • How to involve the client

  • How to brand, place and promote your infographic

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