How Intel iQ Does Content Promotion

How Intel iQ Does Content Promotion

Three years ago, Intel launched iQ, its tech culture digital magazine, and was thrown into the competitive and ever-changing content marketing landscape. Today, iQ features more than 15 regular contributors, 10 premium content partners, and over 60 original articles per month--altogether bringing in more than two million monthly unique visitors to the website. Luke Kintigh, Intel's global content strategist and founding editor of iQ, tells the story of how Intel grew from a brand publisher to a global brand publishing network--and why content promotion was the key to success.  

This eBook will teach you:

  • How to build and leverage a network of writers for distribution
  • How to bake distribution into your content production recipe
  • The role of paid media to amplify and optimize content
  • How to use content distribution insights to power content development while improving your supply chain

Whether you work for an enterprise brand like Intel competing to earn a share of voice in your customers' conversations, or a smaller company focusing on brand storytelling, this eBook is a must-read for content marketers. Fill out the form to the right to download your copy today.


Luke Kintigh

Global Content Strategist, iQ Founding Editor - Intel



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