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The Media Buyer’s Guide to Sponsored Content is the one-stop resource for understanding and utilizing sponsored editorial content to build your brand. It also includes the industry’s first statistical analysis to predict sponsored content prices for blogs and publications on the web. 

Media Buyer's Guide to Sponsored Content InsideIn this Guide you will learn about:

  • The native advertising ecosystem
  • How brands can benefit from sponsored content
  • The evolution, growth, controversy and regulation of sponsored articles
  • How major publishers are handling sponsored content
  • The industry's first sponsored content pricing analysis & models you can use to budget
  • A tried and true media buying strategy
  • The tools and platforms to help get you started

Are you ready to build sponsored content into your marketing budget but are unsure how to get started? The information outlined in this guide lays a foundation for marketers to execute successful and profitable media advertising campaigns in a short amount of time, while building lasting brand awareness.

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